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Printing Services

If you are looking for the most ecological custom-printed clothing in the business
- you have found it.


  • 100% Organic / recycled materials.

  • 100% Non-toxic inks. 

  • 100% Zero-waste digital printing. 

  • 100% USA-made & sweatshop free.

We offer custom printed organic T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, beanies and much more. There are more and more ecological choices every day so please email darien@pangaeabrand.com and we'll talk! 

  • Got a graphic? -- Great! I can turn your order around in a week or sometimes less.

  • Need something designed? -- I love it! I do digital renders and hand-drawn art and everything in between. Just tell me what you have in mind.

  • Small order? -- It's cool, you can order one T-shirt with a picture of your cat on it if you want! -- We are digital baby! 

  • Want to start your own green fashion label? -- Awesome! I can absolutely help you. I can handle up to about 1000 pieces before i get bored. 

I say we are digital because we are 100% digitally printed in permanent non-toxic inks with zero waste. If you are familiar with the alternative - silkscreening - then you know that much more ink goes down the drain than onto the garment. These toxins end up in the ocean, which we were still using.

  • Silkscreeners can do 6 colors - I can do 256 million.

  • They are an entire city-block warehouse of toxic waste - I am a tiny studio that smells like Costa Rica. 

  • They are 80% setup and 20% productivity - I am the reverse.  


We are organic as in 100% organic materials are used here (and some recycled). Organic cotton is our standard material but HEMP is also available at a slightly higher price. Organic cotton and especially hemp are CRITICAL to reversing pollution in the world.   

  • Much more to the science of this here.

  • Please check out our pricing here.  



Darien Brocco

"The world is a single organism ... and an organism at war with itself, is doomed." 
-Carl Sagan