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Hi. I'm Darien. Welcome to my digital/organic design and printhouse, PANGAEA. Pangaea Brand started on this beach^ in a Costa Rican jungle but now all production happens within the USA (California and New York).

I have been trying to get people to care about our ecosystem for a decade. Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil, and non-organic cotton (which is 99% of it) is in terms of pesticides the planet's #1 dirtiest crop.

While the planet can heal itself, the current rate at which we are violating our ecosystem is simply beyond repair. The part that people don't seem to understand is that Earth will likely be cool for another 6 billion years --- we are the ones whose days are numbered.  

Still laying oil pipeline when we could renewably power this country TODAY. Still cutting down the lungs of our planet (the trees) to make way for grossly treated cows that just give us cancer.

STILL not using natural/abundant/biodegradable hemp to make fabric, paper, plastic, fuel, medicine, food, shelter, automobiles and 25,000 other things. 

It's pretty obvious that our 'elected' officials no longer represent us. It has become a tragic farce to try to change this country or the world from the top-down.

  • The only way the people can retake humanity is from the bottom-up.  

  • It is up to us - the people - to create a clean, safe environment in which to live. 

BUYING BETTER IS THE MOST POTENT FORM OF PROTEST. Spending is the only language they understand! If no one buys poison -- they stop making it. It really is as simple as that.


I also like surfing, organic farming, bioelectrics, natural medicines, wine, martial arts and vintage BMWs.

All of these things and I may be found in the form of a sweet newsletter, but also here, and sometimes here, and occasionally here

Pura vida,

Darien Brocco